Health Insurance

The Potential of Health Insurance in Sub-Saharan Africa

The health insurance market presents a significant opportunity. For example, out-of-pocket spending on healthcare is estimated to be between 60% and 70% of private healthcare spending in most countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

By providing health insurance products that are more affordable and accessible, more people would be able to access quality healthcare services without having to pay out of pocket. This would not only reduce the financial burden on individuals but also reduce health disparities between different groups , and create an additional revenue stream for insurers to help them grow.

Untangling the Complexity of Health Insurance for African Consumers

Providing health insurance to the majority of the African population is challenging due to the complexity of the product, lack of understanding of the needs, difficulty in collecting premiums, and high cost of operations. As a result, few insurers venture into these markets with health insurance .

At Greenraven, we have extensive experience designing and delivering health insurance products and management systems. From benefit design and the selection and management of medical service providers to the integration of diagnostics with treatment and automated claims management

Health Insurance Solutions in Africa

At Greenraven, we boast a wealth of knowledge in constructing and executing health insurance solutions and management systems.

Greenraven can help insurers profitably serve the enormous African market. We offer customised solutions that combine a deep understanding of the needs of African consumers and healthcare providers with cutting-edge technology.

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Africa’s health insurance sector presents a major opportunity, and Greenraven is equipped to help insurers make the most of this vast market with profitable results.

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