Change Management & Staff Mentoring

Insurer Profitability in Africa: The Critical Role of Change Management and Staff Mentoring

According to McKinsey, 80% of insurers in Africa made a negligible or negative economic profit in the years running up to the Covid crisis and, projecting forward, the situation will likely worsen. This is primarily the result of multiple factors related to product design, pricing, digitalisation gaps and manual processes, which result in bottlenecks and high operational expenses.

Empowering Insurance Companies in Africa with Change Management and Staff Mentoring

At Greenraven, we have extensive experience in change management for insurance companies in Africa. We’ll work with you to identify areas for improvement, develop a roadmap for change, and support you in implementing the necessary changes to achieve long-term success.

Let’s work together to elevate your business and ensure long-term success in the challenging African insurance market.

Our Tailored Approach to Help You Thrive

Our tailored approach is designed to help you evolve your business, enabling you to stay ahead of the game in the ever-shifting market landscape. We know change can be daunting, but staying ahead of the competition is vital in today’s rapidly advancing market.

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Transform Your Business with Expert Change Management

Our team will guide your business through the change management process, from developing a clear vision for the future to communicating the changes to your employees and stakeholders.